Who we are

NLA media access was established by the UK national newspapers in 1996 to manage newspaper copyright collection.  The NLA works on behalf of the UK's newspapers and licenses organisations to make paper and digital copies of newspaper content. The NLA currently licenses over 150,000 businesses and organisations ranging from large government bodies, public and limited companies to partnerships and public relations agencies.

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Clip View

Once you've done a search, you will see that each article can be viewed as a Clip or a Page. Read on to find out more about the Clip View.

Clips can be best described as a digital version of a newspaper cutting. Imagine you've found a story in a paper that shows off yourself or your company, you'd want to cut it out so that you can retain the formatting (e.g. the headlines, the layout), as well as any images. A text-only view is nowhere near as powerful when you want to make a point, and indeed often it can miss key information regarding the story, if it is related to an important image, graph or table.

We process articles to give them the best possible layout across A4 pages, including complex rules to ensure that articles which spread over multiple pages are handled elegantly for you.

A Clip View requires 1 credit, costing you £1-2, depending on how many you buy. Take a look at our pricing to see the best package for you or your company.

Alternatively, take a look at the Page View to see the full page on which the article appeared (including other stories, headlines and ads).