Who we are

NLA media access was established by the UK national newspapers in 1996 to manage newspaper copyright collection.  The NLA works on behalf of the UK's newspapers and licenses organisations to make paper and digital copies of newspaper content. The NLA currently licenses over 150,000 businesses and organisations ranging from large government bodies, public and limited companies to partnerships and public relations agencies.

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Librarians and Information Professionals

A unique source of content

You want to ensure complete coverage for all your customers. With Clipsearch you have access to over 140 UK newspaper titles since 2006, updated 72 hours after publication. The content is sourced directly from the printed editions, giving you:

  • All the content that was printed, not just that which made it to their website – on average, 30% of printed content is unique compared to the website
  • From First to Last Daily Edition – Clipsearch contains articles from each edition throughout the day, so the changing shape of a story is captured
  • Different regional editions – for many UK national papers, the publication is slightly different according to where it is printed (e.g. London, Scotland, Eire), and Clipsearch contains articles from each
  • Any images, graphs or tables that were associated with the article, as they were laid out, ensuring the article always makes sense!

In short, Clipsearch is a thorough compliment to any library, ensuring that the best news sources are available.