Who we are

NLA media access was established by the UK national newspapers in 1996 to manage newspaper copyright collection.  The NLA works on behalf of the UK's newspapers and licenses organisations to make paper and digital copies of newspaper content. The NLA currently licenses over 150,000 businesses and organisations ranging from large government bodies, public and limited companies to partnerships and public relations agencies.

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ClipSearch operates on a system of 'credits', bought easily and safely online with a credit card.

  • An article clip costs 1 credit
  • Each full page containing the article costs 2 credits

Credits cost between £1 and £2, and can be bought as Pay As You Go for maximum flexibility, or Time-Based for best price.


Time-based passes

The first, and best value, is to buy a time-based pass to the system. Different maximum levels of usage are permitted within these times.

Pass durationMaximum number of credits in the periodPrice (excl. VAT)
Day 12 £18.00
Month (40) 40 £55.00
Month (80) 80 £90.00
Month (160) 160 £175.00
Month (250) 250 £260.00
Year (500) 500 £600.00
Year (1k) 1,000 £1,000.00
Year (2k) 2,000 £2,000.00
Year (3k) 3,000 £3,000.00
Year (5k) 5,000 £5,000.00



The alternative is the most flexible approach where a set number of credits is purchased with no time restraint on access (as long as your account remains active).

Number of creditsPrice (excl. VAT)
1 £2.00
10 £18.00
20 £35.00
50 £80.00
100 £150.00
250 £350.00
500 £650.00
1,000 £1,200.00