Who we are

NLA media access was established by the UK national newspapers in 1996 to manage newspaper copyright collection.  The NLA works on behalf of the UK's newspapers and licenses organisations to make paper and digital copies of newspaper content. The NLA currently licenses over 150,000 businesses and organisations ranging from large government bodies, public and limited companies to partnerships and public relations agencies.

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Business research

Research industry news

You want to know how your industry is being covered, and how your competitors are being reported.

With Clipsearch you can search for industry keywords, and see how the media is reporting you, your competitors and the wider industry. By covering over 140 UK newspapers, you can look beyond your own regional coverage.

Research your customers

If you’re trying to win customers, being prepared and understanding them is important. You need to be able to see how they, their competitors and their industry are being talked about.

With Clipsearch you can quickly search newspapers across the UK, and not only find the articles of interest, but see them as they were originally printed.

See how your business has been covered

You want to be able to let your customers and prospects know that you are a serious business, and what better way to do it than by having your press coverage printed and on display.

With Clipsearch you can quickly see how your business has been mentioned, and then print out the article as it was printed so you can see:

  • How an article was presented visually
  • What else was it sharing page-space with